We are an independent team of game specialists with almost 7 years
of industry experience, working under the label of IMGN.pro.
Our main mission is to offer developers our biz&product know how
in order to provide them best outcome for their games.
Since 2010 we've been providing services to numerous European
companies with regards to Polish and Central European Market.
Due to constant development of our distribution network,
as of beginning of 2013 we have broaden our field of services to all European and CIS markets.

Independent PC digital & retail publishing

Licensing & biz dev consulting

Manufacturing agency services

Our Team


You take care of the game, we take care of the business!

Independent PC digital & retail publishing

We are the direct publisher of PC indie games in the European and CIS markets. We are able to establish a distribution network specific for each game. PR & marketing support are guaranteed. IP ownership always retained by the developer and the developer's involvment in daily operations before and after the launch of the game is limited to a minimum. We ensure maximum revenue for the creators, regular reporting and insight into financial performance of the game.

Licensing & biz dev consulting

We perform market analysis and sale performance estimation, co-establish distribution network in most of the markets worldwide, help to reach potential publishing partners. We optimize the publishing and distribution business models, complete the analysis of publishing and licensing agreements, provide negotiation's support at each level of the process.

Manufacturing agency

We specialize in recognizing the needs and estimating the best matching elements for the manufacturing. We ensure full transparency from the stage of designing, throughout test-files to example copies delivered after the work. Supporting the goods area on Kickstarter, taking the production and logistics issues off your shoulders - it' what we do. Ultra competitive pricing against any European market, keeping the highest quality of goods.

Our Work

Units sold to the end customers
Different games provided for distribution
Distribution partners

Our clients

SCS Software
Red Thread Games
Crounching Koalas


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Hi everyone!   We are more than happy to announce we’re meeting up with players at the greatest gaming convention on the Eastern Seaboard – PAX EAST Boston 2016.   We’ll be presenting the games we’re working on and the ones we’re publishing. In cooperation with our technology partner, XOTIC (http://www.xoticpc.com/), we will present our […]

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mar 1

Thea: The Awakening Gold Edition will hit the store shelves on April 22nd 2016

MuHa Games together with IMGN.PRO are proud to announce that Thea: The Awakening Gold Edition will hit the store shelves on April 22nd 2016.   The special boxed edition of the game will contain DRM-free version of the award winning game, together with The Return of the Giants DLC. In the new add-on The Giants […]

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Kholat for PS4 is out now!

We’re excited to announce that today PS4 version of Kholat has its global PSN release! Porting Kholat to the latest iteration of the PlayStation console took us more than 3 months of work together with the BlitWorks team (http://blitworks.com/home/). Kholat is one of the first titles that utilize the recently unlocked 7th core of the […]

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Kholat PS4 European pre-orders launch today

We’re excited to announce that PS4 version of Kholat will be available for pre-order on Thursday, March 3rd, through the European PlayStation Store. Kholat product card in PlayStation Store: https://store.playstation.com/#!/cid=EP1546-CUSA04252_00-KHOLATBUNDLE0000 The game will have its scheduled global release on March 8th. PS4 version of Kholat is currently available for 19.99€, with 10% pre-order discount. Pre-orders […]

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